Saturday, January 12, 2008

iScrap Blog Challenge

This may be the only challenge I'll manage to complete from the crop. :)

1. Five things I can’t scrapbook without:
- time to myself :) that's why I haven't done any scrapping for a while
- pictures - another reason why I haven't scrapped lately. I have no camera to take pictures
- computer - I use my computer for inspiration and also for planning
- printer - I use my printer in some way on most all my layouts - journaling, elements, etc
- inspiration, usually in the form of challenges

2. Five places I have traveled to most recently
- the bathroom
- the living room
- the rec room
- the kitchen
- the local coffeeshop - DH and I actually went out tonight!
:) I know these are probably not the answers expected but I really haven't been anywhere, hardly even out of the house, for a long, long time.

3. Five things I watch on TV
- CSI - either one
- The Young and the Restless - it's my one and only vice :)
- Little Bear
- Go, Deigo, Go
Those last two are thanks to little one. :) This was a really hard one for me to answer because I really don't watch much TV.

4. Five foods I can’t stand
- rabbit
- seafood
- wildbirds - duck, goose, etc
- hot peppers
- Kraft Dinner

5. Five reasons to visit iScrap!
- talented members
- tutorial section
- store locator
- events information
- gallery


Amanda Ann said...

Cool answers. I like getting to know you ladies better. :)
(AmandaSparrow on iScrap)

Deanne said...

Hey, I participated in the crop at iScrap! I did all but 1 challenge.Some of the m/t I didn't do as they were digi or hybrib projects.

Deanne said...

Oh, I hate KD ,too!!! I forgot to add that one to my list!

Jean Marie said...

Hope you get some free time soon for yourself...very important!
I enjoy CSI also :)Miss seeing you around :)