Monday, September 8, 2008

Stamp out word verification!

Back in April Allison wrote a post announcing that April 29th was Global Anti Word Verification Day. Julie had declared it so in her blog post titled Is this necessary? I was thrilled! I was finding it more and more frustrating to have to type in word verifications to make comments on blogs and often decided not to leave comments when faced with it. I was also embarrassed to admit that I had both word verification and comment moderation enabled on my blogs. After reading this posts I changed my blogs so that they no longer had word verification enabled and I haven't had any trouble with garbage coming through. I still have comment moderation enabled.

The topic has shown up in blogs again today. I read it on Heidi's post and Deanne's post. Through their posts I found this site that is offering a RAK for those that leave a comment saying they are considering changing it and this post offering blog candy to those that change it.

Maybe we should declare September to be Global Anti Word Verification Month. I know that I would be thrilled to not have to type them any more and people would be more likely to get comments from me if I didn't have to type them. They are frustrating and time consuming. If you want to protect blog from garbage comments use comment moderation instead. The blogs linked above tell you how.


Jean Marie said...

turned mine off...did not know I had it on, Duhhh.. :)
It is pesty isn't it !

catt871 said...

It is a pain isn't it? I will have to turn mine off - maybe I'll get more comments on my blog!!!!