Monday, April 21, 2008

Update on Carnivals and Scrappy finds

I didn't post the Carnival of NL Scrappers because I didn't get any submissions!! I didn't expect to get a lot, but I did think I would get a couple. No such luck. I will try again at another time, especially if anyone expresses any interest in it.

I also still haven't posted a Carnival of Canadian Scrappers because I haven't received the ten posts that I set as needed for the first edition. That really shocked me! There are so many great Canadian Scrappers out there with blogs that I really thought getting ten posts would be a breeze. Guess I was wrong. I did get two submissions. I'd like at least a couple more to go with that but I will be posting it the end of the week with or without more.

Now, on to some scrappy finds.

The first is not a Canadian find but there are at least a couple of Canadians on their design team. I didn't know it but Scrapbook Heaven has been running an Amazing Race on their board. While it's too late to join in that race they have decided to start a second race that you can still join. Sure sounds like fun!

Allison recently posted about some Some Different Stitching. I love the look and I want to try it some time. She got the idea from Scrapbook Lounge Episode Building Bridges.

ScrapShotz Scrappy Hour is Monday April 21 8pm. Oh my goodness! It's probably happening now! I must go check it out. Okay, I'm back. :) Jess has posted instructions on how to make a neat mini album using tabbed index cards. Looks really neat!

Scrapshotz is also into the third week of their HotShotz contests. What great creations are being posted! I am oh so proud of a fellow Newfoundlander that has managed to stay in the race so far in the HotShotz Cardz contest.

Wendy recently posted on her blog that she will be offering online classes!

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