Thursday, May 1, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day Plans

In case you haven't heard, Saturday, May 3rd is National Scrapbooking Day. Scrappers all over the place have plans to celebrate, either with real life crops or online crops.

Up until this afternoon I thought I was going to actually get to attend a National Scrapbooking Day Party in my community this Saturday. Deanne, and her sister Carla, and their friend Deidre have a fun day planned for the ladies in our community. Actually, come to think of it, there probably will be ladies there from our whole area, not just our community, because although Deanne is originally from our community, she now lives in a different community in our area so she'll probably have some ladies from her community joining her here for the fun. They're all going to gather in a local church and scrap the day away. I'm not sure what all the plans are but you can be guaranteed it will be fun. I'll bet there will be challenges and games and instructions on great projects. Man, do I wish I could be there! Hopefully someone will take lots of pictures and maybe even post a blog post about the fun. (hint, hint) :)

Unfortunately my plans have changed and I won't be able to attend. I'm so bummed! DH is going to visit his parents and give his sisters a chance to have a break with helping with the care of his father. DD has decided she wants to go and spend some time with her grandfather so we're heading out of town tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the 6 hour drive! I think I will pack some of my scrapping supplies to take with me and have my own little party. Won't quite be the same as I'll likely be the only one there but oh well.

If I had a really good laptop, or even access to a good computer there I know what I'd be doing. I'd be hanging out at Digital and 3Scrapateers. Last year there wasn't anything planned around here for National Scrapping Day and I spent my time at these two digital sites and what a great time I had. Besides the great time I also managed to pick up two wonderful, big, digital scrapping kits in the celebrations. If you don't have any where to go to celebrate and you are into digital scrapping I suggest you check them out.

Digitals is taking a week, May 3-10th, to celebrate NSD 2008 with the theme "Weaving Time in a Tapestry". They have created a huge Digitals NSD & May '08 Challenge Kit for participants. Participant pick up pieces of the kit as they participate in the different things happening at the site all week long. Complete the monthly forum challenges to earn pieces of the kit. Check Bonus Gallery and store free downloads during the week for more pieces. Participate in Amanda Thorderson's famous Treasure Hunt every day for more pieces. They also have loads of crops planned throughout the day and week where you can pickup more pieces. It's a really fun place to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day

At 3Scrapateers there will be Chats, Challenges, and lots of Freebies! Fernelda the Freebie Fairy flies all over the forum dropping of freebies to be picked up. There is a Kick off Chat Friday May 3rd in the 3s Chat room at 8 PM EST. I had so much fun there last year! I didn't know about Fernelda the Freebie Fairy and I almost missed some of her freebies! If you manage to find all of Fernelda's freebies, attend the chats, and do the challenges, you can accumulate a wonderful NSD digital kit. Lot of fun!

If I had a good laptop to take with me I'd also be checking out the happenings at ScrapShotz, Lil' Scrappers, and WeScrap.

Oh for a good laptop to take with me! Though I really wish I could be home to get in on the real life crop. Oh well, maybe next time.

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Carla said...

I wish you could be here, too! Your family comes first, though :-)

Wouldn't a laptop come in REAL handy!!?!