Friday, May 30, 2008

I actually scrapped!

Deidre and Carla, a couple of ladies from our town, have been trying to encourage scrapbooking in our community. Deidre and her mom run a business in town and they recently started stocking scrapbooking supplies. Carla and Deidre have been getting together to scrap for quite a while now and I joined them at Carla's a couple of times before. Recently they've held a couple of scrapbooking classes and a NSD event. I didn't manage to get to any of those but it seems that interest in scrapbooking is growing in our town.

Last night the girls held a scrapbooking class and I finally got to go! I even finished a layout while there! That's the really amazing part. I've only been to a couple of real life scrapping get togethers before and I don't think I've ever finished a layout at one. I wish I could show you my layout. I love it!

The purpose of the class was to introduce different embellishments and show how they could enhance a layout. It was a very basic class because most of the scrappers are just starting out. I debated going because I've had quite a bit of experience using embellishments but I decided to go anyway just for the chance to get out and socialize.

We were told to bring certian sizes and numbers of pictures and to bring our own paper. I only had a couple of pictures here and they didn't really fit the sizes they had suggested but I decided to use those anyway - I really didn't have much choice. I grabbed a kit that I had received for a prize at CC&S a nice while back and headed out.

I was a little late getting there as DH didn't get home from work until late so everyone was busy working on their first sketch when I arrived. I staked out a spot next to Coralee, a fast becoming scrappin' addict, and started in to work.

The girls had two sketches for everyone to work on. When they got the pictures and papers put together for the first sketch the girls helped them decide on embellishments to add to their layouts before starting to work on the second sketch.

Carla and Deidre had brought quite an assortment of emblishments and tools for everyone to try out - buttons, flowers, ribbons, brads, eyelets, etc. I tried out Deidre's silent setter. I want one! Deidre even had her cricut set up and cut out titles for anyone that wanted one. What a cool machine!

My pictures really didn't fit with either of the sketches so I improvised. I'm to the stage in scrappin' where I kind of like doing my own thing, anyway, rather than just follow a sketch to a T. I didn't start out like that, mind you.

I used my own embellishments that I had brought, except for some eyelets. I love eyelets but I could never get them to work. I couldn't resist trying out Deidre's silent setter. I really, really want one!

Anyway, it was a fun night. There were about a dozen of us there. Hopefully we'll do it again before too long.


Carla said...

You got more done than I usually get done at a crop. I can't seem to totally finish a layout in a crowd of people :-)

Your layout was beatiful! Wsh you could scan and show everyone.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! See you over at Creative Scrappers. :)