Monday, December 3, 2007

Where did that week go?

I can't believe it's been a full week since I posted! Wow! I really don't know where that week went.

I seem to have lost my mojo for scrappin', but I did manage to get a couple of things done last week. I hesitate to share them because the pictures are so terrible. I used my DD's camera and I guess I need some lessons on how to get good pictures with it. She always seems to get great pictures.

Inspired by this post at the Savvy 'n' Sassy Blog, I made myself a notepad. It ended up being much bigger than I thought it would be. It holds 80 sheets! Mine is pretty plain but be sure to check out the sample in the blog post linked above. The instructions are all there and it's very easy to make. I made mine a little different because I decided to hide the ribbon holding it all together under the patterned paper and I didn't bother to add any embellishments to fancy it up cause I'm a pretty plain and simple girl at heart. Anyway, here's how mine turned out. The first picture shows it closed and the second shows it opened.

The other creation I managed to do this week is a notebox and notecards. I didn't really have a pattern for this one. I used the cs, pp, and white paper left over from creating the notepad. I had come across this neat idea for a Scripture Memory System and instead of buying a filebox and using store bought file cards and dividers I decided to make my own. The first picture shows the box and in the second you can see the cards and dividers in the box. Once again it's nothing fancy but it serves the purpose.

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Carla said...

I love the idea of a scripture memorization box! ... and it matches with your notepad! Neat!