Monday, November 26, 2007

Unproductive Weekend

Inspite of the great challenges posted at Scrapbooking Fanatics and the wonderful Scrappy Hour project posted at ScrapShotz, I didn't manage to get a thing scrappy done this weekend. Too much going on at home. Saturday was DD#2's second birthday. DS#1 put his truck off the road in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Thankfully he was not hurt in any way but his truck appears to be unfixable. That's just a couple of the major things that kept me from scrapping this weekend, but there were lots of minor things in there too. DS's near miss has me re-evaluting, yet again, how I spend my time and what is truly important in life. I've been making the most of every minute with my family. I will get back to scrapping again because I think it is important to my family but I really need to rethink what my scrapping goals are and work toward them.


Nicole said...

Well you may think you've had an unproductive week but it sure doesn't sound that way! I'm glad your ds was ok!

Jean Marie said...

sometimes we have those days...thankfully something comes along to kick us back in gear...look forward to seeing what you and dd do over this coming week...I am sure she will help get the creative ideas flowing again!
Happy to hear ds is okay...pretty scarey when our children are in danger!!((Hugs))