Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend Creations

Just a quick post right now to be edited later. Having gallery issues at one of my sites so I'm using this as a back up.

Color Personality Challenge

Chocolate Cake Challenge

Pick a Color Monochromatic Challenge

Gives Back Challenge

Color by Numbers Challenge

Metal Mania Challenge

Progressive Cards Challenge

Same Card 5 Colors Gift Set Challenge

Slider Card Make and Take


Jackie said...

Awesome work Jacqueline! Loving all those cards, yummy! :)

Jean Marie said...

Wow! Busy lady!! all great...my fav is the slider card...so clever and cute!!

melody said...

awesome los chickie
wuv that slider card..that's kewl!

regulargal said...

Hi There! Hope things are starting to get back to normal for you. Thanks for the comment on my post about the calendars - I've since edited a couple as the shadowing didn't look quite right on the text. They are super easy to create. I'm planning on having them printed on card stock at Staples. The templates/overlays are available at www.cottagearts.net

Talk soon!