Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World Card Making Day Creations

I had so much fun this weekend! Even though I had a sick little girl on my hands I still managed to squeeze in some scrappin' time and I did a number of challenges for World Card Making Day.

First thing Saturday morning I checked out ScrapShotz, Creative Scrappers, Scrapbookers Clubhouse and CompuPro Scrapbooking for World Card Making Day Challenges. ScrapShotz posted 11 challenges and I managed to do 7 of them. Creative Scrappers posted 25 challenges, but you have until October 12th to complete them. I managed to complete 5 of them over the weekend. Scrapbookers Clubhouse posted 4 challenges and I completed 1 of them over the weekend. CompuPro Scrapbooking posted 9 challenges and you have until either the 15th or 20th to complete them. I have to double check the actual due date because I noticed different due dates posted. I managed to do 2 of those challenges this weekend.

Now before you go all crazy asking how in the world I managed to do 15 challenges and look after a sick little one this weekend, let me explain. I like to combine challenges as much as possible so, while I did completed 15 challenges, I only actually made 8 cards, and one box. :) Let me explain further while I show you my creations.

The first card I made is also my favorite card from the weekend. It was inspired by Virginia's Origami Christmas Tree Card challenge on ScrapShotz. Virgina posted super instructions, complete with pictures and it made this one very easy to make. I love how it turned out and will definitely be making more. Actually, I've had lots of requests from friends that want to learn how to make it. :) This card also fit the Leafy Branch challenge posted by Kristine at Creative Scrappers. She wanted us to make our own tree, making it perfect to combine this two challenges in this one card.

The next one was completed for Jess's Loo Roll Gift Card Holder Challenge on ScrapShotz. I almost skipped this one because I wasn't sure what I thought of it but it was too easy not to do, and, even though I messed up the stamping, I'm pretty pleased with it. This is a gift card holder made with an empty toilet paper roll. It's actually supposed to have a notch in the end for making it easy to grap hold of the card but I don't have a circel punch so I didn't make the notch. I may add it later if I get a circle punch or if I can borrow one. When I messed up the stamping I decided to grunge it up a bit with ink and I actually kind of like how it turned out.

Jen's Corner Pocket with Bookmark Challenge on ScrapShotz was the inspiration for the next card. This card and bookmark are made with just one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock. Jen provided us with a great graphic that clearly showed how to cut and fold the paper, making this another easy one to complete.

I used Nicole's Sketch #2 Challenge at Scrapbookers Clubhouse as inspiration for the design of the tag/bookmark that I made to go with the pocket card.

The next card is a very simple card inspired by two different challenges. At ScrapShotz, Carolyn posted "A Christmas Carol" Card Challenge to use a Christmas song as inspiration for a card. At Creative Scrappers, Deanne posted a Sing Out Loud challenge to use a song tile as the sentiment for a card based on a sketch she provided. No problem to combine those challenges! Unfortunately the picture is terrible and you can't make out the "We Wish You a" in pink ink in the upper left corner of the card.

The next card was completed for Virginia's Double Flap Card challenge at ScrapShotz. Once again Virginia posted great instructions which included pictures making this easy to complete. I like it because its not your ordinary card. I made a few changes to Virginia's instructions because I made mine to fit a regular letter size envelope and I used a ribbon to hold the flap closed. I'm going to post the measurements and supplies I used later this week.

Here's what the card looks like closed:

And here's what it looks like opened:

My next creation wasn't a card, but a box to hold cards. Jen, on ScrapShotz, posted a Hostess Gift Set Completer Box challenge to go with another challenge that was posted by someone else. This box is very easy to make and it can hold a number of 3x3 notecards.

The next three cards were inspired by Kathy's 3x3x3 Challenge, at ScrapShotz, to make 3 3x3 notecards. I planned each of the cards so that they would also fulfill requirements of other challenges.

The first 3x3 card was inspired by two other challenges, besides Kathy's challenge. At Creative Scrappers, Carol posted A Monogram challenge to use a sketch she provided to make a notecard which featured a monogram. At CompuPro Scrapbooking, Nicole posted a Faux Metal Embellishment Using Heat Embossing challenge. This is a really neat technique that is so easy to do! I will definitely be doing this again. Anyway, I decided to use this technique to make the monogram for this 3x3 card.

The design for this 3x3 card was inspired by JJ's Scraplift It! challenge posted at Creative Scrappers. She asked us to design a card based on an album cover and she posted an album as an example. I decided to use the album she posted as inspiration for the design of my card.

This last card was also inspired by two other challenges besides Kathy's challenge. At Creative Scrappers, Deanne posted a Thinking About You challenge to create a 3x3 card based on a sketch she provided. At CompuPro Scrapbooking, Tracey posted a Stamped Paper Piecing Technique challenge. I created the flower on this card using that technique. I hope to post a blog post giving more details about that later this week.

And there you have my creations from the weekend, and one very long blog post! Phew, now I'm tired. I'd better go recover. ;)


Jean Marie said...

Good job Jacqueline!!all so pretty!
Love the Christmas tree!!

Jackie said...

I love that christmas tree card.