Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blog Award Card

Earlier this week Jackie was kind enough to give me the award above. Jackie has a very special place in my heart, even though we've never actually met in person. I met Jackie on an online scrapbooking board a couple of years ago. We clicked because Jackie is a displaced Newfoundlander and I'm still living on the rock. Knowing that I had little chance of seeing much in the way of real scrapbooking supplies where I am Jackie sent me an amazing RAK of scrapbooking supplies. I cried I was so thrilled. I actually did a layout about it. Here it is:

Anyway, a nice while later through discussions on scrapping boards and email we realized that we had a real life connection. Her parents and my grandparents were actually really good friends and she had spent a lot of time at my grandparents house many years ago. It was a pretty neat discovery. The scrapping board we were a part of closed and our main form of contact now is through our blogs. I miss when Jackie goes on bloggin'/scrappin' breaks. Her blog is full of creations inspired by her love of nature and her love of her family.

Well, the award came with some rules which I have to post so here are the rules:
The rules for the "Blogging Friends Forever" award are:
* Only five people allowed
* Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog
* One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog or lives in another part of the world.
* You must link back to whoever gave you the award.
* The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.

Following some of the rules is a problem for me. I don't think I have even 4 dedicated followers of my blog so I decided to go through who had commented recently on my blog and I'm using that as the basis for some of the awards I give out.

First I want to award this card to another very special lady that I met through a scrapping board - Jean. I actually met Jean on the same board where I met Jackie, and she, too, sent me a beautiful RAK. I am still using Jean's RAK in many, many thing that I make because part of the RAK was two beautiful sets of Autumn leaves acrylic stamps. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture or do a layout of Jean's RAK, but I can show you a card I made, and sent to her as a thank-you, using part of the RAK.

I love checking out Jean's blog! She is one very talented lady, and I love that even though she's not a Canadian, she is, I think, one of my more faithful followers, and commenters, on the Canadian Scrapbookers Blog Carnival that I run, besides being one of the few faithful followers on this blog. Her comments, either here or on the other blog, are always a great encouragement to me.

The second person I want to award with this card is Deanne. I know Deanne follows my blog because she keeps showing up at places that I mention, or thanks me for pointing something out to her that she didn't know about. :) Deanne is a super fast, and creative scrapper. I have also had the privilege of scrappin' with Deanne in real life. She's a real inspiration.

The third person I would like to award with this card is Carla. I know Carla fits checking out my blog into her very busy schedule whenever she can. Carla is an amazing lady and she's a real life friend - she actually lives maybe a 5 minute walk from me. We are also fellow homeschooling moms and get together for homeschooling related activities, as well as for scrapping. It was Carla that actually inspired me to get into scrapping. She does truly beautiful work. Recently Carla and one of her friends have started having scrapbooking classes and get togethers in our community and I love when I get to join them!

The fourth person I would like to award with this card is Ali. Ali and I only met recently, through the Canadian Scrapbookers Blog Carnival that I run, but I already consider her a friend. She is one amazing lady. She is the PR person for a couple of Canadian sites and she does a great job. She's also a nurse and a mom, and a great scrapper.

The fifth person I would like to award with this card is Sheryl. I also met Sheryl recently through the Canadian Scrapbookers Blog Carnival that I run. She was one of the first ones to send me a submission, and she's been a fairly faithful contributer every since. She's a great scrapper and has recently been rewarded with requests for publications.


Jackie said...

Oh my gosh Jacqueline that card is amazing!!!! I love it!

Deanne said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jacqueline! Very much appreciated!!!

scrapshe said...

Jacqueline, this is so sweet of you to do. I am thrilled that you have honoured me with this award.

Congrats to the rest of the ladies as well. I know both Deanne and Carla from other scrapbooking groups so it really is a small world.

Jean Marie said...

Oh my goodness surprised I was to read this post!
You are so kind!I enjoy your personal & Carnival Blog so much.
always inspiration & great tips to be found here!Thank you!
It is so nice to run into Jackie again also :) !

Ali said...

Wow, wow, wow... how very sweet you are Jacqueline! Such a surprise and an honour to receive this... Thank you! :O) I love the Canadian Scrapper's Blog Carnival and appreciate the work you put into it SO MUCH. I look fwd to it every single week! Thank you again for the award. Now to begin thinking about to whom I will pass it on to...

Allison said...

Great creation!