Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stamping Bella's Stella Artist Finalist in Tissue Box Design Contest

In Bloggabella's latest post she tells us that her Stella artist, Jan Dolby, is a finalist in a contest and encourages everyone to go cast a vote for her.

Don't know what Stamping Bella or Stella are all about? Stamping Bella is a Canadian Rubber stamp store that is worth checking out, if you haven't heard of them before. They have some really fun stamps available. Stella is one line of stamps.

Don't know who Jan Dolby is? I didn't either til a few minutes ago. :) You can find out all about her and her work at The Pink Suitcase. I got all excited when I discovered she was born in Newfoundland. I love promoting fellow Canadians and especially fellow Newfoundlanders.

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