Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Hour Sketch Contest!

If you have never participated in a one hour sketch contest, you don't know what you're missing! They are so much fun! I was introduced to them recently at Creative Scrappers. They have one every once in a while.

Here's how it works. The moderator posts a sketch to the One Hour Sketch Contest thread in the forum and you have one hour and 15 minutes to create a layout inspired by the sketch and to post it to the gallery. It is wicked fun!

Wanna give it a try? Check in at Creative Scrappers Monday August 25 9pm est. Actually, check in at Creative Scrappers before then so that you can be sure you're all set up and ready to participate.

Unfortunately it's very doubtful that I'll be able to play this time around because our life is a little up in the air right now. DH is on his way to be with his family as his dad is not doing so well so I'm kind of expecting that I won't be home to play. I'd be playing if I could because it is so much fun! Give it a try, and don't forget to thank me after. ;)


Jackie said...

Sorry to hear that your FIL isn't doing so well. Hopefully I will get the chance to check out the One Hour Sketch Contest.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks, Jackie. I hope you do check it out because I'm sure you'll love it.