Friday, November 2, 2007

Fun Game at Sisterhood of Scrap this Week!

I got some sad news yesterday. My favorite scrapping board is closing. :( I'm so sad. I was by far my best scrapping board experience so far. I only joined there this past January but I have so enjoyed it there. The owner is wonderful, the CT is amazing, and the members are so much fun! It really was a fun place to hang. Hopefully we'll all still be able to hang together through the blog, which is going to continue. Plans are to continue to offer challenges and inspiration through the blog adn there's even talks of a newsletter through the blog. Won't quite be the same but it sure is better than nothing. I wish Jen nothing but the best and I'm so thankful to her for being upfront with us about the closure rather than just let it sizzle out. The board isn't sceduled to close until the last week of November and I'm sure there will still be lots of great stuff happening there until then.

Now, this morning I got some good news! Sisterhood of Scrap is playing a game of Texas Hold'em at their blog next week. Sounds like a lot of fun and there's a great prize for the winner too. Be sure to check it out soon. If you want to play you have to email them before Monday so that they can deal you in.


Anonymous said...

Ah I'm sorry to hear about the site closing - it's always a bummer when you find a site you really like and enjoy that has to close - at least they kept everyone up to date about it.

Good luck with the Texas Hold Em' that sounds like fun!!

Carla said...

That's too bad about the forum closing. I know that it was your favorite!

Allison said...

And we love havin' ya at CCAS Jacqueline! You're a part of the CCAS family!!!

Don't forget.. it's only the store closing at the end of the month. We'll be able to share and play for a little longer... into the new year at least!

Hugs, Ally.