Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paper Craft Gallery Idol

It seems there was a mix up in the voting system in the Paper Craft Gallery Idol last week, so they issued a new challenge to the top 20 and the voting is now opened again, this time with the problems fixed. You can check out all the cards of the Top 20 here. I'm fairly confident that once you check them all out you will want to vote for the one Canadian that is in the group - Carla, AKA Moralia. Her card is stunnning! Here is a link directly to Carla's card. Clicking on the "Love it" button in the top right hand corner of that page will tell Carla that you visited and that you loved her card, but it won't count as a vote for her. To vote you have to scroll down a bit and find the "Click here for your favorite" link. This will bring up a page with a list of top 20 and the titles of the cards they created. Be sure to check the cards out and to vote for your favorite.

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