Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Apprentice at LoveBug

Last week I signed up to play the Apprentice Game happening at LoveBug Scrapbooking. What great fun! The game will be going on for quite a while yet - right into the new year, apparently. I don't plan on doing everything but I will be doing what I can and having fun. Here's a couple of things I made inspired by the game this week.

I love this mini albums. I'm made them before and I will make them again.

This is a neat little gift bag that I will definitely be making again too. So easy and so nice!


Jackie said...

These really turned out great, love them both.

scratch said...

Love those gift bags! I need to know how to make them. When can you come out?

Jean Marie said...

Busy lady!! both are very nice !!!

Hazel said...

Haven't visited your blog for a while - just catching up with your lovely crafting - this looks like fun - hope your mojo returns quickly.