Friday, November 14, 2008

Cre8ive Idol Challenge #4

Challenge #4 was to creative a gift for someone. This one really had me stumped and I didn't have a clue what to do, until the morning of the day it was due! I worked like a busy beaver and managed to get it posted well before the deadline. I am really please with my creation, but I still didn't manage to get any extra points for it. Oh well, it's all in fun. There are some really great gift ideas in the gallery. You can check them all out here. My favorite is the one that won the most points, Leigh's book that she created for her little one. I absolutely love it!

Here's what I created for this challenge - a gift set of tree ornaments and a jar to store the ornaments in:

This is what the jar looks like closed. It is a slightly wider, though shorter, than standard mason jar. I covered the jar with patterned paper. The title on the cover is a rebus meaning "O Christmas Tree".

This is a picture of the jar lid off showing the ornaments stored inside. It acutally holds 4 ornaments, but I think a couple more could fit in there too.

The ornaments are made from the sealing lids of a standard sized mason jar. I glued two such lids back to back for each ornament, securing a hanging loop of ribbon in between the lids, and trimmed the edge by gluing a thin ribbon around it. One side of each ornament has a photo of a different Christmas tree from past years. The edges of the photos are inked and the photo is adhered to a circle of cardstock before being glued onto the lid. The other side of each ornament has an origami Christmas tree, made with patterned Christmas paper, glued unto a circle of cardstock before being glued onto the lid. The storing jar is a larger size mason jar. I cut circles of cardstock to glue to both the outside and inside, so you wouldn't see the actual bottom of the sealing lid when you opened the jar, of the sealing lid before securing the sealing lid to the outer rim.

This is a picture of the origami tree side of one of the ornaments:

Each ornament has a picture of an actually family Christmas tree from a different year on one side. It is really neat to see how different they are. I meant to take pictures of each ones but my batteries died and I hadn't thought about it again until just now. This is a picture of the photo side of the same ornament as above:

I decided to hang them on a tree to give an idea of what they would look like hung on a tree. I think they look pretty good.


Jackie said...

Those are so cool!!!! Nifty idea that I just might have to give a try :)

Deanne Burton said...

That's a beautiful gift idea!!! A wonderful keepsake, that's for sure! Great job Jacqueline!

Jean Marie said...

What a neat idea!!!Beautiful work Jacqueline !