Thursday, November 13, 2008

Layout Tag at JustCre8!

Yesterday I finished up a game of layout tag at JustCre8. I was the last one on the list so once mine ws submitted I didn't have long to wait for the reveal. I can't decide which I like better, having to wait for the reveal or having to wait for my turn. :) Anyway, the reveal went up last night so now I can post my layout. TO check out all the layouts inspired by this game of layout tag you can check here. It's really interesting to see how the layout changed as it went through the list. Here's my creation:

The picture is of my oldest son and my oldest daughter all dressed up for last year's youth Christmas formal. Our youth pastor's wife is a photographer and she took pictures of all the kids.

See the flower in the layout? I made the biggest layer with patterned paper. I just took one of my few big prima flower and traced around it on the back of the paper and cut it out. Then I went around the edge of the petals with an embossing tool to make it curve up. I then topped it with a prima and a button. Isn't it neat!


Jackie said...

Love the layout, neat idea with the flower. I normally make the petals curl by running the blade of the scissors over them like with ribbon.

Jean Marie said...

Love the flower!!
Beautiful job on the lo...such attractive children you have ,Jacqueline.