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Blog Entries for September 2007

Originally posted September 3, 2007

I've been participating in this great Contest at Creative Crafts and Stickers - The Summer's Hottest Chicks Contest. Each Monday of the 6 week contest everyone that is in the contest has to pick a number from 1-50 to get a challenge for the week. The CT has put together corresponding challenges and prize cards for each number. Challenges must be posted by Saturday and voting takes place Sunday. Monday you find out who goes on. A really cool thing is that they even have another contest running at the same time! Everyone that wants to, including those that are eliminated each week, can join in the other contest, which runs the same way except that there is no voting - everyone that completes their challenge has their name put in a hat for a draw at the end of the contest. Isn't that cool! That way the fun doesn't end if you get eliminated.

Anyway, I've been having a ball at this contest. The first week my challenge was a recipe challenge. I had to use 2 cardstocks, 2 patterned papers, 3 flowers, 3 brads, doodling and journaling. Here's the layout I did for that challenge:

My next challenge was to use one of everything - 1 Cardstock, 1 Patterned Paper, 1 flower, 1 Ribbon, 1 tag. Here's what I did for that challenge:

Last week my challenge was to make my own flowers with ribbons and buttons and use them on a layout. Here's what I did for that challenge:

Originally posted September 9, 2007

Sarah's Summer is a very special project that I created this week. There are two purposes to the project - 1) to do something special for my DD and 2) to fulfill my challenge for this past week at Creative Crafts and Stickers' Summer's Coolest Chick contest.

The project highlights my DD's summer. The layout shows candid pictures of her taken throughout the summer. Attached to the layout is a CD Mini album that can be easily unattached. The CD mini album holds 5 folders and a CD of pictures from DD's summer. The mini folders each represent something special about DD's summer and have blank pages inside for her to record her memories of the different things.

My challenge this week was to scraplift a CT member - sounds like an easy challenge, and it actually was classed as an easy challenge. I had a hard time deciding on one thing to scraplift, and, also, knowing that it was classed an easy challenge I wanted to ensure that I made it as challenging as possible. I decided that doing a mini album would be more challenging than just doing a layout, but I had this layout that I also really liked and wanted to scraplift.

I just loved Mel's layout the minute I saw it. I loved how she used so many pictures and I loved the placement of them on the layout. I thought it would be a very challenging, and fun, layout to scraplift.

I also loved the CD Mini Album that Tara had done for her daughter. I went searching for instructions on how to make such an album and discovered that Tara had posted a CD mini album tutorial on the CC&S's forum.

I couldn't decide which one I wanted to scraplift, then I had a brainstorm - why not combine both into one project! The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea, and I had just the theme for this project - DD's Summer.

DD had a great summer and few pictures to show for it. We lost our camera a couple of months back so we have had to depend on others for pictures this summer. Family and friends had posted a number of pictures of DD's summer on Facebook and I loved seeing them all and wanted to do something with them for her to help her remember the great summer she had. I also wanted her to get a CD to copy all these great pictures onto so that she would have them for herself.

The CD mini album was the perfect thing to hold this special CD and, after much thought and discussing my idea with DD, we figured out a way that the layout could showcase the album and some of the fun pictures of her.

My layout ended up looking very different from Mel's and the CD mini album quite different from Tara's but their creations were definite inspirations behind my finished project.

Here's my finished project:

The layout with the CD mini album attached:

The mini album can be very easily attached or unattached using the ribbon. To unattach it you just untie the bow and slip it out. I wanted the layout to still look complete without the CD mini album attached. Here's what it looks like without the CD mini album attached.

Here's what the CD mini album looks like separate from the layout:

Inside the CD mini album are are two side pockets that hold 5 mini folders and a CD of pictures of DD's summer:

Each of the 5 folders represents something special from DD's summer. Each one is labeled for what it represents and has a picture on the front of DD and other's involved.

Inside of each folder are 2 blank pages for DD to record her memories. Here's a sample view of one of them.

I am quite pleased with the final result, and, even more important, DD loves it. I don't know if it's enough to get me through to the next round of the contest or not, but that's not what's most important. What's most important is that I created something special for my darling daughter.

Originally posted September 15, 2007

My first challenge in Ally's Eliminated Contest at Creative Crafts and Stickers was to use my current board avatar in a layout. I almost traded the challenge in, as that is something you can do in this contest, but I decided to take it and have some fun with it.

At the beginning of the Summer's Coolest Chick Contest they had an avatar challenge to post a funny avatar of yourself and write a story to go with it telling why you think you are the Coolest Chick. Right away I thought about a silly picture DD#1 had taken of me while I was driving and being silly. I have my son's sunglasses on top of my own perscription glasses and I have an arrowroot biscuit sticking out of my mouth. I just couldn't bring myself to post it, however, and have to look at it for the duration of the contest. I figured I'd post it close to the end of the contest. Well, I finally decided to post it and the next day I got the challenge to use my current avatar in a layout! Oh well.

I decided I may as well have some fun with this layout so I went searching for silly pictures of me and found a number silly ones of me in a vehicle, either as a passenger or driver. After some thinking I came up with a plan.

The title of my layout is "Traveling Posez - Scary or what?" I decided to use stickers for my title but unfortunately some of the purple letter stickers don't show up very well in the picture, though you can see them much better in real life. Journaling on one side of the layout reads "Passenger - If I'm not reading....I'm sleeping." The other side reads "Driver - I'm doing all kinds...of crazy things to stay awake."

Originally posted September 18, 2007

I joined a new scrapbooking board this weekend - . A friend invited me to check out the crop this board was having and I needed a diversion so I joined, not expecting to actually do much scrapping. Surprise! I had a very scrappy productive weekend!

The card challenges were the ones that caught my eye first, for two reasons: 1) I joined a card swap a couple weeks back and I needed some inspiration, and 2) my darling sister let me borrow all her card making supplies and tools for a month and I needed some ideas as to what to do with them. These challenges were just the ticket! I think I've found a new love - card making. :)

The first one I tried was this one - . It had great step by step instructions with pictures and measurements - just what I needed. Here's what I created:

I'll post more pictures of this later so that you can see the inside cause it's a really neat card.

The second challenge was to use a Becky Fleck card sketch to make two cards using a different mix of patterned papers for each one - . Here's what I did:

I was really pleased with how these turned out and itching to scrap some more, but there were no more card challenges so I checked out the other challenges. What a lot of great challenges! My brain started pumping with ideas. I printed off one picture and went to print some more and some titles - I was out of printer ink!! Ahhh!!!!! I thought that was the end of my scrapping, but then I noticed that a couple of challenges said you could do digi, so I decided to give them a try. Then I noticed that if you did one challenge from each of the DT you would be able to enter your name for a prize, so I decided to try to do one from each of the DT. Not all of them had said they could be digi but I was rearin' to scrap so I decided to take a chance and do them anyway. If they counted, fine, if not, no big deal, I would have had some fun anyway.

Here are my other creations from the crop:

A challenge to tell the story of your summer with pictures that did not include people:

A challenge to use a favorite song as inspiration:

A font challenge:

An ad challenge - :

A "Supersize It" challenge to use a big picture and/or big elements:

It was a wonderful, fun, scrappy weekend!.....And I've found another great scrapping board - thanks, Friend. ;)

Originally posted September 20, 2007

This is the last week of the contest at Creative Crafts and Stickers. I can't wait to see what the remaining contestants come up with for this week's challenge. It was a tough one and I'm glad I didn't have to do it.

I did, however, pick up a challenge in Ally's Eliminated Contest again this week. Last week for that too. :( Anyway, my challenge was to use a layout by Elsie Flannigan as inspiration. Well, I really didn't know who she was or what her layouts were like, but I decided to take the challenge and find out. I had seen a couple of her layouts before and they really weren't my style but I didn't let that stop me. I searched out her layouts at the link I was given and decided to use her "a New Season" as my inspiration. I really ended up almost copying her. Opps! Anyway, I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out.

The journaling reads: "I thought the doctor was going to tell me that the weird feelings I was having was part of the change of life....I was about to experience a change of life alright, but it wasn't the change I was expecting. This change was much better, though rather shocking at first."
I put the wrong date on it!! It should be 2005. Have to find a way to fix that.

Now that I've finished my challenge I'm on to my newest addiction - card making! I have been checking out card making blogs and sketches and I'm hoping to get some made in the next few days.

Originally posted September 21, 2007

I found some great card challenges! I managed to get two done last night.

Here's a card I did for the weekly Card challenge at ScrapShotz:

Here's one I did for Moralia's Blog Challenge:

Originally posted September 25, 2007

I packed up my card making supplies and took them with me on a trip this weekend and had a very productive weekend. I managed to make 9 cards, 6 of the same design and 3 different ones.

A week or so ago, much to the surprise of all my friends that know how much I hate thinking about Christmas any time before December 1st, I signed up to participate in a Christmas Card Swap. The only spot left when I finally decided to sign up was in a group to make square cards. The whole card making thing was new to me so I really didn't think it would be any big deal to make square cards any more than a rectangle card. Boy was I wrong! I searched high and low for instructions and ideas for square cards. I did find some sketches but no real instructions with measurements or anything. Next problem was envelopes for the square cards. I just couldn't find any! Time was running short and I had to get these cards done and sent.

While traveling in our vehicle this past weekend I sketched out a couple of plans for the Christmas cards. My plans changed and evolved as I finally sat down to do them.

The first card I made was this one:

Here's the inside:

And here's the back:

The second card I made was this one:

I wasn't real pleased with how this one turned out and I wanted to try it again. Here's what I ended up with on the second try:

The third card I made was this one:

When I got home I had to figure out what to do about my need for envelopes for my square cards. I finally decided to try my hand at making my own envelopes. Here's what the back of the envelope looks like:

And here's what the inside of the envelope looks like:

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