Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scrappin' Tag Games

I love playing scrappin' tag games! I actually posted a post about it on my old blog where I explained all about it but I thought I'd do it again on this blog just in case someone might not know what it is. Also, the game is fresh on my mind because I just finished a game with a group of friends and I'm in the middle of a game on ScrapShotz.

I was first introduced to the game by a friend. She organized a game for a group of us friends to play online. It was so much fun! I was hooked.

Here's how it works. An organizer decides to organize a game and asks for people to sign up if they're interested. People sign up to play and the organizer makes a list of them in the order they will be IT. The organizer picks out either a layout or a sketch and, either does a layout herself based on it, or else forwards it to the first person on the list to do so. Once the first person is finished they usually forward the layout they created back to the organizer, who then forwards that layout on to the next person in line. This continues with each person creating a layout based on the layout of the person ahead of them until everyone has had a turn. Then comes the big reveal when everyone gets to see all the creations everyone made. It is so much fun to see how things change as they go through the line.

The tag game can also be made into a race. I was introduced to this idea at Creative Crafts and Stickers. Here they divide the list of players into two teams and the teams try to race each other to the finish. Sometimes each team starts with the same layout but sometimes they start with different layouts. Personally I like it best when both teams start with the same layout because I find it even more interesting to see how the same layout changes as it goes through two different teams. The race adds a little more excitement to the game but it's really fun either way.

The game I just finished was another one with my online group of friends. We're just some Canadian home educating homes that hooked up on the internet and this past year we discovered that there was a group of us that were interested in scrappin'. Here's the layout I did for the game:

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