Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hybrid Scrapping

Long before I knew there was such a thing as hybrid scrapping I was doing it. :) Depending on your definition of hybrid scrapping, all of my paper scrapping creations are hybrid. I always use my computer and printer for printing pictures and often for titles and journaling. First when I started scrapping and didn't have any patterned paper or elements, I found a site where I could download and print off things I wanted to use. I had no idea that what I was doing was hybrid scrapping.

If you're curious about what hybrid scrapping is and want some ideas check out these articles: What is Hybrid Scrapping, Hybrid Scrapping . The first article has this to say "Any use of your computer as a scrapbook tool on a paper layout is considered “Hybrid” these days."

My last two paper layouts have been even more consciously hybrid than most of my layouts. For the first one all but the papers, brads, and ricrac were digital elements that I printed off, cut, and pasted to my layout. The flowers I printed off multiple times and cut in various ways to create a more layered effect. I also pop dotted the layers to give them even more depth. The last one was inspired in part by a hybrid challenge at ScrapShotz. The challenge was to use your computer to add print to your picture before printing it.

Here are the two layout, with credits for inspiration and elements used:

This one was inspired by a number of challenges: a friend layout challenge and a blog puzzle at Creative Crafts and Stickers, and a Blast from the past challenge at ScrapShotz. The digital elements used in the layout are: Sunglasses by ScrapGirls, Frame by Dea Spina, Flowers by Joyce de Jonge & Anita Spaberg, and Journaling Tag by Selana. This pictures shows the hidden journaling tag:

This one also had a number of inspirations. Sarah, a lovely girl from England, issued a kit challenge at ScrapGalaxy for anyone that wanted to sign up for it. She sent anyone that signed up an envelope containing two beautiful pieces of patterned paper, three brads, two flowers, two bling flowers, and chipboard letters to spell HOME. We each had to use these same supplies in a layout. While trying to think of how to use the chipboard HOME in a layout I started thinking of quotes, sayings, and songs with HOME in them. Then I perused my pictures for something that might grab me to go with some of what was going through my head. The song "This World is not My Home" was sticking in my head and the picture of my little one looking out into the wide open space seemed to go with it so a plan started formulating. I thought about the hybrid challenge at ScrapShotz and decided to work that into the layout too. I painted the chipboard letters and added a touch of paint to the journaling strips. I'm pleased with the results.

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